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Big Stories in The Wild

ELENTARI: A Cosmic Fairytale - Advanced Review Copy [Digital]

ELENTARI: A Cosmic Fairytale - Advanced Review Copy [Digital]

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Thrilling and heart expanding fantasy novel about a young girl whose whole life is turned upside down on her 11th birthday! Delight with Neli on her journey to discover who she really is with new magical abilities popping up every day and new friends and family including a talking cat (who may not even be a cat!) and dream visions of dragons.

Things really get wild when she meets Grey, a boy who has been creating a new graphic novel from his own dreams and the girl he has been drawing is Neli!

Soon she discovers she may be the child referenced in an ancient prophecy along with eleven other children who all start magic school in the dragon realm.

This is the first book by Melanie Gillespie in the world of the Seven Stars about The Possible and the first project of Big Stories in The Wild, a publishing and multimedia project designed to evolve the global cultural paradigm of stories used for entertainment to align with the current evolutionary leap of humanity into an expansive and light-filled species in which the unique essence of each being is celebrated and connected across the globe and throughout the cosmos.

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